Total Knee Replacement: Miscellaneous Grumblings

As with all good medical health problem bloggers, no sordid detail will be left out about my Total Knee Replacement (ta-da-dummmmmmm)

Thanks for your comments here and on FB. I won’t respond each one because my fine motor skills are shot. I even missed my nostril and ended up picking an eye-booger, up to the second knuckle. This may be enough incentive to start voice blogging. I am going to stop replying to comments for a little bit.

Second, I wrote the Mole Day post before I was cut and drugged for my Total Knee Replacement (ta-da- dummmmmm) I was way more coherent that I really am.

Third, why would somebody choose to have this feeling by taking Hydrocone on purpose? But there are some many finer ways to self-medicate. Like belly-button (which according Esquire, is one of the words guys should never use) shots.

Fourth, the doctor sent me home with belly button shots! It’s a blood-thinner, which Humana refused to pay for.


Have you ever done a jello shot out of somebody else’s belly button? I’m thinking this is not something older boomers have done.

Nextly, (I forgot where I was and am losing focus. (Which should have been my blog mantra from the beginning: Losing Focus since 1947.)

Today is my first day of therapy. The hospital physical therapist chick said I would be getting “more complex” therapy.

As long as it doesn’t involved solving Avocardo’s Number.

I can’t decide if it would be more fun to roll into the front lobby in the Smart or come crawling out of the back of the wagon.

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