Total Knee Replacement: NOW I Think of Having It Done In a Hotspot

When I planned on having my Total Knee Replacement (ta-da-dummmmm) I planned it for this time of year. Normally October in Kentucky is about 70 degrees, low humidity and nice breezes. Great weather to sit outside and ponder the benefits of a Total Knee Replacement.

The weather now is 15 degrees below normal, cloudy, rainy and windy.  Next week when I am in the hospital, it will be 70, etc. etc. and then back to 15 degrees below normal, cloudy, etc. etc.

But I totally forgot about the option of going to a hotspot for my Total Knee Replacement. One of those medical tourism deals, until an ad showed up here ——>

Look at all these options!

  • Med Journeys
    Med Journeys offers low-cost, world-class medical treatment overseas; coordinated by an experienced and knowledgeable organization…
  • Atlantic Health Group
    Atlantic Health Group is a hospital owner operator with a unique medical proposition; brand new US quality hospitals, US surgeons…
  • Patients Without Borders
    Patients Without Borders offers referral and coordination services for medical travel as well as pre-operative and post-operative …
  • Angeles Health International
    Angeles Health International is the innovative new medical travel division of the largest private hospital network in Mexico. We …

I’ve always wanted to go to Guadalajara. And the Costa Rica hospital looks pretty nice too…and the Mazatlan one too… Of course, my recuperation period for my Total Knee Replacement (ta-da-dummmmm) would probably be extended a few weeks longer. But sacrifices should be made when considering one’s health.

Mexico! Costa Rica!

Rats. I’ve seen Sicko.

I knew it would be cheaper. I’ve heard of medical tourism. Yes, I am kicking myself (with my good leg!)

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