Total Knee Replacement: What They Forgot to Tell Me

I sniffed that Total Knee Replacement (ta-da-dummmmmm) surgery was a piece of cake.

What they forgot to tell me that rehab is a bitch.


Need a Halloween costume and want to appear as a soulless, wicked, purveyor of pain and suffering? Borrow a rehab therapists name tag.


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Total Knee Replacement: What They Forgot to Tell Me — 3 Comments

  1. I guess you won’t be running to the door for any Trick or Treaters this year. Hey, you got it done, which is something I wasn’t so sure you’d even do Mark. You have a right to grumble, grouch or whatever the heck you want. I hope it all starts to feel better real soon….sending (((((((Soothing and Healing Hugs)))))))))) Mr. Tough Guy. Love, Joy

  2. When I had my knww scoped 10 years ago, Dr. Lowe, the Dr. for the Houston Rockets, had me give myself Coumadin injections into my stomach 2x a day for 3 days. Felt like acid. It was to prevent blood clots. I think the clots would’ve hurt less. Hang in there kiddo.