WordPress Plugins Added and Recommended

I now have 33 active WordPress Plugins. Thirty friggin’ three. I remember when Kirk had to hold my hand to install a plugin. Back in the WordPress 2.1 days. Now WordPress has made it easy and painless.

Bring it. I have an audio plugin, and comment plugin (courtesy of Kirk), that make the site better. Plus a crapload of other plugins that are supposed to make the site get more traffic, be more social, generate revenue, and be more stable.

In addition to the couple above, here are a couple more that I think add value.

  • After The Deadline is a contextual spelling, style, and grammar check plugin for WordPress. Click on the spell check icon in the “visual” post box and After the Deadline suggests better stuff.
  • Facebook Connector As much as I hate it, Facebook is the preferred way to “build a community” blech, hate to write that cliche. This plugin lets Facebookers login using their FB account, uses their FB profile photo, etc.

Facebook provides the most loyal visitors, with 20% of those that originate from the social network in turn visiting the site they landed upon four or more times in a week.

Now, where is my RSS delay switch? Despite all the spell checks, reading and re-reading of drafts and previews, and After The Deadline, I still spot an error of some type when the RSS feed arrives. Hate that.

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WordPress Plugins Added and Recommended — 8 Comments

    • @Brian: Yep: 33!

      I don’t care if the AudioPlayer hasn’t been updated! More power to them, they made something and it works! Hoo-rah.

      I’m on the latest version of WordPress 2.8.4

  1. @Kirk M — yeah, I noticed that too

    @GLS — Well, if it’s working, that’s great. It just seems like a lot of plugins break every time WP issues a new release, and 2006 is like ancient history for WP. I’ll give it a whirl.
    .-= Brian´s last blog pithA New Feature =-.

  2. I like that you have ComLuv and do-follow comments. These are very important for a blog so the people can get a backlink too 🙂 .
    BTW : I nice your design , it’s beautiful !! Good luck with the blog