LXII: Happy 2XL Birthday to Me

LXII Inverted is IIXL. 2 XL



Cleverness evades me.

1947 = MCMXLVII.

November 24, 1947. 11/24/47.

Nope, I’m struggling here folks.  Nothing to see here, move along.


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LXII: Happy 2XL Birthday to Me — 11 Comments

  1. @sunset: I’ll bet you can recommend a place I should spend some time!

    @ Brian: I just let “GoingLikeSixtish.com” expire.

    @Catch Her In the Wry: no, it’s not that easy. I need to see a guest post first. I don’t think you got enough snark in ya.

  2. Happy Birthday buddy! Well, belatedly that is. And many more to come (You have to. After all, you’ve had some new parts installed. Need to get some mileage out of them and all that). 😛
    .-= Kirk M´s last blog pithA Sunday Thought =-.