Total Knee Replacement: Potentially Costly Sitting and Thinking

Since the Total Knee Replacement, (ta-da-dummmmmmmm) my physical activity is even more limited than prior to the removal and reinstallation.

Since I’m dieting my lack of physical activity is even more restricted.

Prior to this, my lack of physical activity was because I was lazy. Aside from mowing and walking the dogs and following Nancy around Kroger throwing Oreo cookies, cheese puffs, Miller Chill, Oscar Mayer Bologna and M & M’s into the basket, I had no physical activity.

Now that limited activity is limited even more.

1. I  can’t walk much and 2. I can’t eat much.

I have been sitting and thinking.

I took the Pledge Not to Veg in front of the Tee Vee as long as the weather cooperated. Up  until this week it cooperated perfectly. Great time to sit outside and ponder. I would schlep the laptop outside and proceed to surf.

Somehow, this seems different from Veging.

It became potentially costly when I stumbled across a story about Factory Five cars.


Yeah, cool, right?

It’s a kit car. They send everything but the engine and drive train and you put it together in your basement or garage.

Prices start at $19,990. I could handle that.

Estimated build time: 300 hours. Averaging three hours a week that’s just a couple years. I could handle that.

I spent a lot of time reading their website and even ordered the brochure and the DVD.

No way could I handle that! Who the heck am I kidding? I turn the air blue when the leaf blower comes unplugged unexpectedly. No way am I doing to strip down a donor car and rebuild a new car from a kit.

Then this popped up on my screen. A 1941 Dodge Deluxe Luxury Liner.


Yeah, cool, right?

It was a low-mileage one-owner that ran. I could handle that.

It was about 100 miles away. I could handle that.

They were asking $7,500. I could handle that.

But it was sold (of course!)

Can you find two cars any more different? Yet I  came seriously close to owning one of them. A $45,000 kit hot rod vs. a $7,500 Geezer-mobile.

Owning the Smart has “learnt me a lesson” as we say here ’bouts.


I like driving unusual cars.

I like it when people rubber-neck and give you a thumbs up. Even a chuckle is OK. But I also like having parts and service readily available and somebody to get their hands cold and dirty when something breaks in February.

The Bible of Unusual Cars aka Hemmings Motor News, is having a discussion…

Do resto-mods, hot rods and customs have a rightful place in the collector car hobby? If so, what is their place, and what should be done or not done about it?

So while they are battling it out over who to exclude, there are those of us who would love to be in any little corner of this hobby, but just can’t pull the trigger.

But sometimes we spend a lot of time thinking about it. And come close, very close.

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