Total Knee Replacement: Will You Join Me In Enjoying a Broken Leg?

I’m still rehabilitating my knee. Rather, tiny Mary Anne is trying to do chinups hanging from my calf while I lay on my back.

Imagine: they actually want the knee to bend!
It bent before the Total Knee Replacement (ta-da-dummmmmmmm).
As a matter of fact, it bent better and with less pain.

The goal is a ninety degree bend.


Raise your broken leg and sal-loot, I’m there.

Broken Leg
1.5 parts Jim Beam® Bourbon
4.5 parts hot apple juice/cider
Cinnamon stick
Lemon wedge
In a large mug, combine hot apple juice or cider with Jim Beam®. Stir briskly. Garnish with a lemon wedge and cinnamon stick.

Next up 120 degree bend which I think they refer to as: “about as good as it gets” or “this will send him around the bend for sure.”

Celebratory adult beverage drink ideas are always welcome.

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Total Knee Replacement: Will You Join Me In Enjoying a Broken Leg? — 4 Comments

  1. That Broken Leg specialer doesn’t sound half bad Mark. I know you’re hurting big guy…and hoping and wishing it away isn’t gonna make it so. I can only tell you I’m thinking about you and truly hope it gets a lot easier on you really soon. Are you throwing things yet? I’ll be back to check on you….Hugs, Joy
    .-= Joy´s last blog pithHovel Sweet Hovel….an Update =-.