2009 Google Search Keywords Have Nothing to Do With Boomers

I try.

I really try to stick to my mantra of “stuff written for boomers or those who know one.” But Google says people weren’t searching for boomer stuff here … based on these keywords.

I should be pleased that a huge majority of traffic here apparently comes from regular readers. The keywords below are a pretty small part of the overall traffic.

WordPress has a new plug-in that uses Woopra which varies from Google Analytics. Should be fun to see how things change next year after a full year of getting stats from both.

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1. glenn beck loses advertisers 3,632 – This was strictly a traffic baiter. It was back when Google ranked the top 100 search terms and I had a post going and just added this as an after thought.
2. magic jack 2,275 – Thanks late night infomercials!
3. la mode recto verso 2,017 – Everybody likes poop.
4. gm dealer closing list 1,810 – More search bait based on Google trends.
5. bugatti veyron 588 – I don’t have a clue why this got this kind of traffic. I guess I could drill down through the analytics, but I really don’t care.
6. florence henderson nude 505 – The post is about Shirley Jones posting nude for Playboy and Florence Henderson advertising a digital set top box.
7. gm dealership closing list 467
8. majic jack 462
9. going like sixty 419
10. big nipples 398 – Mary Louise Parker didn’t want to do nude bathtub scene because these prominent body parts.

2010 is the breakout year for GoingLikeSixty. Stand by, you won’t want to miss it.

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2009 Google Search Keywords Have Nothing to Do With Boomers — 3 Comments

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