Best State To Abuse Animals? Welcome to Kentucky!

Want to abuse animals and not pay much of a price if you are caught?

Welcome to Kentucky!

Kentucky has been highlighted – again! – as the worst state for animal protection.

Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, and North Dakota are the five best states in the country to be an animal abuser, according to a new report released today by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF). Based on a detailed comparative analysis of more than 3,800 pages of statutes, tracking fourteen distinct categories of provisions, the report recognizes the states where animal law has real teeth, and calls out those like Kentucky – the single worst in the nation again this year for animal protection laws – where animal abusers get off easy.

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If you are an animal abuser, stay away from California, Illinois, Maine, Michigan and Oregon which are the best to protect animals. Primarily because these states make it a felony to be cruel to animals.

We are fortunate to have a “no-kill” animal shelter in our county. But the surrounding counties are full of puppy mills (I see the ads and know the locations.) I’m sure there is dog-fighting on a regular basis within 20 miles of where I sit.

For a state that puts the noble steed on a pedestal, there are horses found dead every week from abuse or neglect.

While the lawmakers try to decide if the Corvette should be the official state sports car, animals are dying or being severely injured from abuse.

No legislation pending on this issue however.


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Best State To Abuse Animals? Welcome to Kentucky! — 4 Comments

  1. Horses are being abused and neglected in Illinois too. It’s a sign of the bad economy. Horses are expensive to maintain and there are many horse owners unable to afford them now. The resale market for companion horses has dropped substantially, too and most of the rescue operations are at capacity. Add to that the cost of disposing a dead horse (due to EPA and other regulations), it’s a nightmare situation.
    .-= Catch Her in the Wry´s last blog pith60 years in 39 days – Flying high =-.

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