Boy THIS is Ugly! Today is WordPress Hack Day

One of my other blogs, was hacked and I lost control. Lucky for me, the hacker just put up some lousy image and an audio file of his band.

technical-difficulties who hosts my blogs, jumped right on it, got control back to me and restored everything. In the meantime, I asked them to peek at

He ran some scans of the files, found some funkiness, and proceeded to fix them.

Now this the CSS for this theme is not loading correctly (dur – if you’re still looking at an html gob.)

I’m on hold while helps me out… I highly recommend them if you are looking for a place to host your blog. Quick to answer the phone, always polite and helpful. They will also go the extra mile and suggest things to make a blog more secure.

Please stand by.

UPDATE: Boy is that freaky. There was a line of code that was “denying” access to the file that creates the theme. fingered it out in a relative jiffy. Whew.

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Boy THIS is Ugly! Today is WordPress Hack Day — 1 Comment

  1. I host my web directory on Bluehost, and I must say that Bluehost is great. I never needed them for support, but their service is solid. Glad they got your blog up and running again. I wish these wanna be hackers would just get a job or their parents would pull the plug on their computers!