Clitaurus: the New Car for Women from Ford and Renault

Renault and Ford are working on a new small car for women.

They are mixing the Clio and the Taurus, and calling it the “Clitaurus.” It comes in pink and the average male won’t be able to find it, even if someone tells him where it is.

And even if he did find it, he wouldn’t know how to service it.

Seems like a logical marketing move: except most women have never seen one.  I guess the Clitaurus will be sold by feel? And always be some where near the Volvo?

I dunno.




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Clitaurus: the New Car for Women from Ford and Renault — 18 Comments

  1. If she can’t handle her own Clitaurus properly how can I expect her to handle my Hummer?

  2. Is it just me or does the sound of that name remind you of a woman’s “thing” down there? Or is this just a joke? hehehe… which if it is, it’s a good one. I almost fell for it! 😛
    .-= Privatlån´s last blog pithThorn =-.

  3. Hahahahaha! 🙂
    Is this true? I don’t believe this!
    It kinda reminds me of something! hahahaha!
    I just can’t help it! lol! 🙂

  4. The actual publish has been superb and possess referred this to many associated with my personal pals. I honor for the actual perform you’ve done. a person once again.

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