Oh, For the Love of Mike, I Hope This Striptease Video is Faked.

As always the payoff for this cheesy vid is right at the end. It’s 49 seconds, but worth it.
Recto Verso is a method of printing, primarily banknotes. This certainly has a money shot (not in the NSFW sense.)

Of course La Mode, is “with ice cream.” This video added some fudge. This will all make sense when you watch the video.
I guess this is striptease video called La Mode Recto Verso is just another of those wonderful, but fake, videos. It’s almost as good as surprise kitty.

Here’s the link because the video has been torpedoed by YouTube.com… http://goinglikesixty.com/video/StripTease.wmv

UPDATE: Definition of La Mode Recto Verso I have decided means if you want to make a good impression make sure you have all sides covered. Thanks to Adman (in the comments) for the tip.

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Oh, For the Love of Mike, I Hope This Striptease Video is Faked. — 4 Comments

  1. Actually, La Mode means stylish in French & printers use verso for an even-numbered page and recto for an odd-numbered page (or front & back — as in coins)

  2. I see U-Tube has once again torpedoed something… but I have the 49 second vid in wvf format if you would like me to email it to you to put on your website.

    Let me know. If you put “La Mode Recto Verso” in the subject line, it will help me spot your email, especially if Ya-Hell sends it to spam.