Season of Love and Good Cheer: Left Handed Underwear; Death, Disease, and Hitler; Gunning for Snowballers; and More

It seemed like this would be any other day reading RSS Feeds, Grandad talking about Guinness, The Retired One showing off beautiful bird pictures, The Savvy Boomer ranting…

But as the posts rolled by a theme emerged in this season of Love and Good Cheer. There’s a bunch of curmudgeonly writing going on.

Grandad certainly was upset by the fire at the Guinness plant. But he was giddy at the thought of getting under Simon Cowell’s skin.

I don’t give a flying fuck who’s in the charts, to be honest, but anything that makes that wanker miserable is going to cheer me up.  I am sick to the teeth of him and his fucking X-Factor.

I have never watched the programme.  I would far rather have my testicles slowly removed with rusty shears than watch that unadulterated crap.

The Retired One has a bunch of photos that apparently are lodged in her camera, yet to be retrieved, so she wrote about Men’s Left-handed underwear and compared and contrasted them with women’s underwear – complete with illustrations!

Well, isn’t THAT special?

Men just might be inconvenienced by how they reach into their underwear if they are left-handed, so they are going to accommodate them.

Well, ladies, what do you say about that one?

The Savvy Boomer tsked-tsked at the fact that a cop brought a gun to a snowball fight.  Obviously, he’s never been to Washington D.C.

Steph opines that Dogs Don’t Go To Heaven. She’s been thinking about the Rapture and was stunned by this revelation…

Anyway, think about this. In the rare chance that the Rapture does happen sometime, what would become of all those pets? I mean, around here, every pick-up with a “Cowboy up for Jesus” sticker on it also has a dog in the back. Here’s a site that offers compassionate care for born again dogs that were foolish enough to believe that a life of loyalty and unconditional love would assure them of a place in Doggie Heaven.

Blow something up this Holiday Season is the guidance offered by The Cat Lady.

A guy running around naked in his apartment and getting arrested sets the Bodacious Boomer into a full blown rumination about the types of guys and naked positions she prefers.

Since I no longer have small children I really don’t have a problem with this; especially if the guy looked like Giles Marini (the sexy neighbor from the Sex and the City movie). However, knowing my luck, the gentleman in the buff would look like Fred Mertz.

And to round of the season of good cheer and joy, Davis W regaled us with the woman who died because she was a chicken when it came to disease, how to get rid of H1N1 oversupply, and Hitler’s List.

“He was working his way down the list of people that he had wronged, trying to personally apologize to each and every one,” wrote Hermann Witzer, human resources manager of the Nazis’ Berlin office. “It really looked like he was headed in the right direction after so many years of difficulty. All of us had noticed a change in his manner.”

Just the kind of reading I needed to lower the saccharine content that so many blogs start filling up with this time of year.

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Season of Love and Good Cheer: Left Handed Underwear; Death, Disease, and Hitler; Gunning for Snowballers; and More — 1 Comment