The Worst Vlog Ever

I’m not a huge viewer of Vlogs because nobody in my RSS uses Vlogs. I suspect a lot of us have experimented with posting a video of us being our charming and witty selves, but 1. only had the guts to do one try and 2. were shocked seeing ourselves on video so much, we vowed never to return.

One has done a podcast or two and that stopped pretty quickly too.

I did get as far as putting the microphone on and switching on the recorder. I said my cheerful “Hello all. This is a podcast” and then I went blank. What the hell was I supposed to say?

I don’t mean to call out this specific blogger because this type of video is all over YouTube. If you are going to Vlog:

  1. Have something to say, if the Vlog above was transcribed it would be horrific
  2. Look at the camera, not your image on your monitor
  3. Don’t make it up as you go a long
  4. Speak up, be animated, talk to us, not to your computer
  5. Don’t lie just to be fake humble “I’ve done 500 takes…”
  6. Be real, don’t pretend you are doing a Vlog because your hair looks good
  7. If you dressed up to look nice for us, it’s OK, we’re flattered

Where’s my Vlog?Why don’t I practice what I preach?

Because one should know one’s limits. I’ve seen myself on home video enough to know that I don’t like the way I look. And I have a thin skin when it comes to criticism. If I did a Vlog, I’d be afraid somebody would write a post like this about me. I only did because The Queen said it was OK:
What you are about to see could lead you to unfollow, leave mean comments and hate me.
I won’t unfollow or hate The Queen, but mean comments? How about a whole friggin’ mean blog post?

OTOH, you never know… I may do a Vlog and I promise it will be EPIC.

UPDATE: Now this is an interesting Vlog… from a bearded lady… pretty much meets all my specific requirements for Vloggery as noted above.

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The Worst Vlog Ever — 7 Comments

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