Boomer Brain Food: Hostess Cup Cake Squiggle Turns Sixty

Oh no, little Sluggo, Hostess Cup Cakes did not always look the way they do now.

Nay, brave Skywalker, the Hostess Cup Cake squiggle of icing was not added until 1950.

Sixty years ago.

No one knows, sweet Neytiri, who conceived the original Hostess Cup Cake in 1919.

But the squiggle was the inspiration of D.R. “Doc” Rice in 1950, who added the seven squiggles (always only seven) and the obscene-creme explosion in your mouth that  launched decades of dentists into nirvana.

“You get a big delight in every bite” has been the mantra for Hostess since then.

Hostess decided that the divas are entitled to some comfort food during their times of stress and Jennie Garth and AnnaLynne McCord from ‘90210’ were seen scarfing down on the chocolately goodness, known as Hostess Cup Cakes, at the Golden Globes.  Stars also took home a lunchbox filled with the sweet treats.

Katherine Heigl is a fan of the squiggle

But all is not sweetness in the land of the Heart. You see, tiny Dora, the Hostess Cupcake people are feuding with the Little Debbie people over the squiggles.

It’s been suggested that this was a wedding cake for a Kentucky bride and groom. Not true, simple Simon, this is an engagement cake!

But yes, sublime Lulu, the Hostess Cupcake has siblings, can you name them all?

  • Twinkies
  • Ho – Hos
  • Suzy Q’s
  • Ding Dongs
  • Donettes
  • Mini-muffins
  • Sno-balls
  • Fruit Pies

Hostess got it’s start as bakery who made a product that is integral to our boomer lifestyle: Wonder bread.

Play that funky music white boy, or as the kids say today, friend me.

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Boomer Brain Food: Hostess Cup Cake Squiggle Turns Sixty — 5 Comments

  1. @Catch Her: A Threesome? Whoa.

    @Larry: Yeah, I’m dieting too, went to swim and the pool was closed, BUT I went to the gym instead. Little Debbie can suck it.