Entertaining our Tree Rats

I despise squirrels.
I thought the squirrel spinner bird feeder would give me entertainment while flinging the tree rats to the ground.

The squirrel spinner is just entertainment for the squirrels while they feast on birdseed.

There are more here and look ma, no hands here! and finally flung off here if you are into man against beast/ beast victorious videos.

Looks like I’ll have to go back to the five iron method of protecting the feeders.

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Entertaining our Tree Rats — 3 Comments

  1. Yeah, I’ve also tried all kinds of allegedly squirrel-proof bird-feeding contraptions. They never work. I’ve decided to stop driving myself crazy, and co-exist with those bastards.

    On the other hand, in my yard at least, the squirrels help distract the free-ranging neighborhood cats. So there’s an ever-so-slight payoff.

  2. OMG-that is hysterical!!!! that little boogers not letting go!!! didja watch him when he got down to see if he could walk straight???!!!! That is really funny!!!!!

  3. @Larry: yeah, figured that out! We have three of the deals that are supposed to slide down and cover the openings with the weight of the squirrel. Fail. The squirrels have learned to hang from the top.

    @Bulbous: you are easily entertained!
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