I Have Lost a Small Child: No Amber Alert Necessary

50 pounds

I’m passed the 1/2 way point. Since I’m dealing in round numbers (Balloon vs. Helvetica)



I’m at the 50 pounds lost spot. I needed to hit this spot. Holidays weren’t bad since we weren’t around much home-made food and I cut the calories in the Egg Nog by buying “lite” and adding bourbon.

Now the cabin-fever has hit. The past ten days I have just gone from screen to screen around the house. Computer to Tee Vee and back. Usually not involving any steps, just shutting down the laptop and firing up the remote.

Water-aerobics twice a week knocks a couple hundred calories out of the picture, but they closed one day last week because of the dusting and the muni-pool has been closed because of the dusting.

I just couldn’t drag my sorry ass to Le Clobber de Calories to do a workout, it was just too damn cold. A friend and I decided that this was OK because we were burning more calories in a resting state just to stay warm.

Thirty-something to go! Which is 20 pound more than when we got married.

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I Have Lost a Small Child: No Amber Alert Necessary — 5 Comments

  1. That is absolutey, enviably terrific! I wish I was 30 pounds from goal but I imagine that the reason I’m not is all the aerobic exercise you have been putting your body through. Perhaps I should push on that end a little harder. How are the knees? Lynn’s are scheduled for March 12 and 26thf.
    .-= Edna´s last blog pithOut with the Old, In With The New =-.

  2. @Edna: thanks! Everybody says you hit a point where you have to exercise to get rid of calories. Guess they are right.

    Good luck to Lynn – I’m 12 weeks out and still not where I think I should be. Pain more often than not (but getting less intense.) The cold really makes me hobble for a while. Hard to tell if the pains are from nerves healing or what. Dr in 3 weeks and he may get an earful if things are a lot better.