Obama Speech Not Marred by “You Lie” But Alito Mouthing “Not True” Was Worse

President Obama took a bit during the State of the Union speech to agree with me that corporations should not not have unlimited free speech.

Nobody yelled “you lie” but a Supreme Court justice clearly mouthed the words, “not true.”


Much worse.

What a frickin’ dipshit!
Even if he is right, can’t a Supreme Court justice keep his damn trap shut and sit quietly without injecting his opinion?

…the behavior of Justice Alito at last night’s State of the Union address — visibly shaking his head and mouthing the words “not true” when Obama warned of the dangers of the Court’s Citizens United ruling — was a serious and substantive breach of protocol that reflects very poorly on Alito and only further undermines the credibility of the Court…

He kept shaking his head during the applause. Take a look at Bader-Ginsberg. You think that scowl woman’s scowl didn’t scare Barry more than Alito.

Alito’s action reinforces that this Supreme Court is an activist one and chose this First Amendment case to make a political point: corporations should control more of the political process.

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Obama Speech Not Marred by “You Lie” But Alito Mouthing “Not True” Was Worse — 1 Comment