St. Todd de Cubville’s Video from Near Port au Prince

St. Todd deCubville is Chief Photographer for a Tee Vee station in Florida with a large Haitian population. After tangling with red tape for days and days, they finally got clearance to travel with Hope for Haiti to Les Cayes, Haiti, the third largest city in Haiti.

Les Cayes, did not suffer the massive damage Port au Prince did from the earthquake so thousands of injured are arriving every day looking for treatment.

Bulbous, our daughter, and I have had an agreement that reporters should not be part of the story. My opinion was based on CNN’s Anderson Cooper helping rescue a kid.

But after seeing and hearing from SIL, I have changed my mind. It would not be possible for a person to ignore the suffering without lending a hand when needed. And hands are needed everywhere.

They were taken by Hope for Haiti to a private hospital. The conditions at the public hospital they visited later were 100 times worse he said.

St. Todd de Cubville said as soon as the docs arrived at the hospital they went immediately into surgery.

“there was no introductions, no shaking hands, just a rundown of who needed what at that time.”

A doctor who served in Viet Nam said it was true “meatball surgery.”

In the video, you will hear a doctor say “this is a good foot.” When they walked into the room where surgery was taking place, a household hacksaw was in the hands of someone who was ready to remove a badly damaged foot.
The doctor saved the foot. He explained it wouldn’t be pretty, but it still was a foot.
A small victory that one moment in time.


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