I Can Has Forum? AARP? or Very Serious, You Are on Fire, Just Kidding

*Jumping with joy*
There are two new forums that I found for you. One isn’t active yet…

  • Community will have exciting improvements in April. From easier ways to join interesting conversations to faster searches, you’ll find connecting with others more fun than ever. You’ll also discover…
  • New technology for a smoother and more dynamic user experience
  • Feature enhancements to support and showcase your discussions, comments, photos, and more

Check out the AARP Guide Blog to learn more about the new Online Community.

Or… and this is the one I am recommending: Very Serious, You Are on Fire, Just Kidding. Why am I recommending this? Because you CAN draw a picture of a dinosaur and post it and everybody thinks you are just the best ever dino-drawer.


is how my entry was described. And if YOU LIKE TO TYPE IN WITH CAPS LOCK ON, THERE IS A CAPS LOCK AREA. But be careful, this is an internet forum and it can get dangerous. There will be words:

  • goiter-tits
  • Penis-hands
  • Kitten-monger
  • German Toe-Face
  • Soggy juice-mouth
  • chair sniffer

These words may be used against you. Just because there is a hyphen in the word, don’t think these words are not serious words. Because this forum is Very Serious.


Just Kidding.

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I Can Has Forum? AARP? or Very Serious, You Are on Fire, Just Kidding — 3 Comments

  1. So, how did the AARP site go for you? Did you find it as welcoming and loving an environment as VS is?

    I think you’ll find that VS has grown leaps and bounds since your last visit. We are so full of love we decided to bring it to you!

    How’d you get to be so lucky, you might ask? Well, just by being you. And being a part of VS is already a point for you. Not that you needed it.

    Many blessings and I hope this finds you well.

    Leigh Royals recently posted…I have rhythm, but I don’t have graceMy Profile

    • Hi Leigh,

      Can I call you Lee?

      Do people ever change your name around so you are Royal-Leigh? (See what I did there?)
      I used to love VS, but when she got famous I left. I just didn’t fit in any more.

      Points? Take all I can get. They will be part of my estate.