I Think I Found an Ab

Aside from a reformed cigarette smoker and a new mommy, there may not be a more obnoxious person than one who is losing weight.

The reformed smoker realizes that climbing a flight of stairs doesn’t have to make you huff and puff. While a new Mommy realizes that everything about a child makes you huff and puff. They can’t wait to tell you about it. And how hard it is.

A loser can’t wait to tell you about their loss – or in my case, my gain.

I think I found an ab!

While posing in front of the mirror last night, I tightened up the place where my Miller Chill was stored and I’ll be damned, it looked like I had an ab.

No seriously. I’m almost positive that’s what it was. There didn’t seem to be one on the other side so it may have just been a shadow. Or my spleen was swollen.

But there was definitely something there.

Ab. It was an ab.

Moobs are getting smaller too.

On the weight chart I have moved from “obese” to “overweight.”

I can’t wait to see me in three months.

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I Think I Found an Ab — 6 Comments

  1. yay! Keep it up-it may get harder…but you’re kicking ass padre!!!! clothes fitting looser yet?