Oliver Learns from The Family Circus

Oliver is our Shit-Zoo. He is the only dog that is allowed to go off-leash to do his duty in the front yard. The others are relegated to piling up their poo in the fenced backyard because they can not be trusted to focus.

The “others” tend to get distracted by squirrels, other dogs, each other, cars, clouds, leaves, airplanes, and just general barkiness.

Oliver knows his  mission when he and I leave the front door. He focuses on finding the perfect spot to pee. He always finds more than one perfect place.

He follows the Family Circus route to urinate.

I think he needs Flomax.

(Not to scale - some colors may vary)

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Oliver Learns from The Family Circus — 6 Comments

  1. But surely you could programme that place into the SatNav. If for some reason [like that spot being taken by a hedgehog or something] then he can use the ‘diversion’ facility? He really must keep up with the times.
    .-= Grandad´s last blog pithBrainfarts =-.