Drunken Mad Sex Leads to Baby and 106 Damn Comments

a little bit pregnant

That’ me. I’m brand spankin new pregnant. I realize only too well that I might lose this little glimpse of life. I’m 35. I lost the baby last year. But I would still tell you all if I did, because
that’s how I roll. So I might as well tell you that I am pregnant. I am 🙂 Due in December.

When I asked for advice on Facebook a month back about how to get pregnant,
I got about 12 jokes on the theme of get drunk, have mad sex, and wake the
next morning and PANIC
it worked.

Deep breath.

Deeeeep breath.

Posted by Maggie May at 9:01 PM


108 god-damned comments.
Makes me want to puke.
Or quit.
So I just quit blogging.
Blame the Mommy bloggers.
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