My Weakness for Domain Names. It’

Montenegro is a new country, formed in 2006, declaring their independence from the former Yugoslavia.
Their entire domestic gross national product is wrapped up in the Top Level Domain extension .me

Most domain names end in .com or .net or .org…other countries have their own Top Level Domains.

  • Canada is  .ca
  • Ireland is .ie
  • Dominican Republic .do
  • Russia is .ru
  • American Samoa is .as
  • United Kingdom is .uk or .gb
  • Italy .it

CanadaCanada Ireland Dominican Republic  – Dominican Republic Russia United Kingdom American Samoa Italy? or in layman’s terms:

Caca, that is do-do, are you uck as it? (you think you can do better, give it a go, here’s the list)

(.ca .ie .do .ru .uk .as .it)

Oh that was so vacuous, even I don’t get it.

Yep, (yournamehere).com is no longer good enough. Or you can reserve (yournamehere).com for your serious self.
.me is all about the fun.

I have a weakness for domain names.  I now own fifteen. At one time or another I have owned:


(Those were all sold and now link to various spammy ad sites or are back up for sale.)

These domain names redirect back to this page:


And others are for other blogs including and a few others that I run covertly.

But my  recent acquisition is perhaps my best.

MVP are the initials I use. My real full name initials would be MLVP, but my underwear monogrammer just goes nuts (pun!) trying to figure out which initial should be larger than the rest. It’s a burden I bear.

That’s pretty cool, right? Here’s what my bedroom monogram would be… except the V part doesn’t represent my middle name.

So now I am having great trouble concentrating on anything… I’m thinking of all the great domain names I should buy. This video is pretty close to how my mind is working. (it’s taken)

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My Weakness for Domain Names. It’ — 6 Comments

    • Well isn’t that interesting. I’ll probably write a post about your comment. Then again, I may not because you’re probably a Ukranian spammer bot.

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  2. Wow, this is a very creative post. Tell me, what do you think about the new .tv domains many have now. Also, if you were to sell any of your domain names where would you sell them?
    You are a long time true blogger, I have seen many of your posts and appreciate your honesty.
    .-= rosie´s last blog pithBlog Food-Google Alerts Challenge =-.

  3. @Rosie: I think the .tv is great for infomercial businesses. Logical.
    I have tried using’s domain name selling service, with little luck.

    Usually, I just put a post on the blog and those people looking for blogs with established traffic find them.

    Thanks for your kind words.