What’s the Fuss over the Bunless KFC Chicken Sandwich?

Next week KFC, the wing of YUM brands formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, will roll out their new bunless (not to be confused with a$$less) sandwich.

Not Bunless

It’s called the Double Down and was inspired by the internet.

Our famous Kentucky Colonel is serving up…

two melted slices of Monterey jack and pepper jack cheese and Colonel’s Sauce sandwiched between two juicy, boneless white-meat chicken filets.

Who needs those sugary white bread buns anyway? They were just filler. Gimme meat. Gimme fried meat.

Here’s what the food police has to say about the Bunless Double Down…

More like Double Bypass! This thing is both terrifying and captivating, like a harbinger of the apocalypse.

Calories: 540

Fat (g): 32

Sodium (mg): 1380


And here I thought the Apocalypse would be a bunch of strippers in a$$less chaps, instead it’s bunless chicken breasts.

Bring it.

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What’s the Fuss over the Bunless KFC Chicken Sandwich? — 3 Comments

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