Ed Mills: “A Regan Conservative” Wants To Win Kentucky Senate Seat

Ah, the pleasure of returning home just before a primary election. Of the six messages on the answering machine, five were recorded blather from somebody wanting our vote. I would like to meet the so-called expert that decided that political robot telemarketing is a wonderful way to get votes.

Nancy was so hacked during the last primaries that she wrote a letter to the editor indicating that anybody that robo-pol-telemarketed our house automatically lost her vote.

After deleting the messages without listening, we moved on to the mail – and THIS MADE OUR DAY. And after ten hours on the road, that is not easy. It was a robo-letter from Ed Mills for State Senate…

click to enlarge… Seems Ed Mills is “A Regan Conservative”

I kinda know Ed Mills. He runs a local business and we’ve exchanged phone calls and emails. I ragged on him when he had his daughter robo-call a recorded message to our recording device asking for our vote a couple months ago.

I emailed him he lost two votes. He called to explain:

“I’m just a businessman, I don’t know about politics, I just did what the guys I hired told me to do.”

First of all, he hardly is a businessman. His current job was made possible because his sons needed a CEO. They are techno-nerds and didn’t want to fool with anything close to management. Second, he doesn’t know about politics? Akin to saying, I don’t know anything about Egyptology, but I want you to send me to Cairo. Thirdly, he did what he was told. Nice. Just what we need. A State Senator without original thoughts.

So the “experts” he pays for sage political advice sent out a lame-ass letter with the return address:


I guess Donald Regan was a conservative, but based on the actual letter, he was referring to Ronald Reagan.

Among the reasons Ed Mills wants our vote:

“We live in the real world and these are real issues that are affecting our families”

This is unacceptable.


He is running for STATE Senate. What goes on in D.C. is kinda outside his realm of influence. If he wrote this convoluted paragraph, he isn’t smart. If he paid someone to write this jibberish, he is dumb.

Wait, this may qualify Ed Mills to be the perfect Kentucky State Senator.

Dear General Mills,

Don’t take that last sentence out of context.



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