I Forgot How to Pack the Car

We can’t remember the last time we actually took a vacation by car from home.

It’s at least two decades ago!

One look at the picture reinforces that we normally pack for flying.

We have taken some great road trips, but they all started with a flight!

Luckily it’s just the two of us and we took the wagon, so aside from shoving clothes in suitcases, everything else was just shoved! Yes, we need that much toilet paper. Apparently there is a one roll per week limit at the condo we rented.

The plastic storage box was sitting in the dining room for a week. We would pitch random things we were sure we needed but would probably forget if we waited. From sunscreen to Spanish Nuts is in that box; LED flashlights to Fibre One breakfast bars; four bottles of Oliver red wine to bug spray.

BTW: toiletries, and all the other stuff we may need in the way of emergency goods, is in a smaller storage container. Which was in the bathroom all week.

We did remember to pack very small one “motel” suitcase for our one overnight on the road.

But I had to lug in the plastic storage container of “toiletries.”

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I Forgot How to Pack the Car — 5 Comments

  1. Uh, so, you bought the bananas, like, what, five days before you left?

    And I am going to assume you were going to be in the Mojave or something where there is no WalMart, which is why you had to buy 1000 bottles of water before you left…
    .-= Absurdist´s last blog pithAn Apology to Family =-.

    • You ever price water near the beach? I figure we save fifty maybe even sixty cents by smuggling the water. This is a perfect case of: yeah shit, throw it in, we got plenty of room. BTW: brought home a dozen from the original stash. 🙂