iTit Top Search Term for Going Like Sixty

How sweet: over the past 30 days, iTit is the top search term leading readers to Going Like Sixty.

All it took was a designer to come up with a concept mouse shaped like a boob with an interactive nipple. As Inventor Spot explains:  This does not use Double D batteries.

Go here for a more detailed explanation of another variation of the iTit.

For my female readers, please take a look at the Apple iPenis and offer your thoughts and/or personal reviews.

For other designers who are looking to capitalize on the “i” design, here are some other ideas. Send me the royalty checks when appropriate.

  • iCrotch – “is that an iPod in your pocket or are your nuts making that wonderful music?”

  • iBall – “hey baby, want to touch my Apple iBall?”

  • iBum – checks out prospective employee assets in a legal manner, preserves qualifications for HR investigation.

All products above are purely conceptual. However, if they do come to market, they will be sold exclusively through the official Going Like Sixty endorsed iShit stores.

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