Rule of Sixty: Appointment, Lunch, Wear Lunch to Appointment

Rule of Sixty: If I have an appointment and need to grab a quick bite, it will end up in my lap.

Proof:  Taco Bell Fresco Bean Burrito when bitten on one end will squish all the ingredients (mostly refried beans) out the other end with sufficient force to squirt out the other end on the perfect trajectory to land in my crotch.

Wiped off refried beans when dry looks exactly like I pooped my pants.
Appointment delayed only slightly.

Speaking of poop, I love this commercial.
I went #2, but I look like #1… I poo in blue…

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Rule of Sixty: Appointment, Lunch, Wear Lunch to Appointment — 11 Comments

  1. I’ve never seen that commercial before. Too bad my babies are grown; I think I’d buy into that ad.

    Similar thing happens to me only I’m eating a fresco taco and the meat lands on the booby shelf before it gets to my lap. I’ve ruined many a shirt with greasy stains, and yet I still go back for more. I think it’s the pico de gallo.
    .-= Catch Her in the Wry´s last blog pithIt’s too darn hot =-.

  2. Been there! What is worse is when you are driving. Burgers, tacos, hotdogs… all ending on my lap or crotch of my pants complete with the mayo and mustard. LOL! That’s why I grab a pizza if I want a quick bite. At least it t doesn’t jump or squirt.
    .-= Tandblekning´s last blog pithTandblekning Hemma =-.