Shop at Nancy’s but Don’t Eat at Paul’s in Cherokee, NC

Looking for Leather

Waiting and Waiting at Paul's

Today I may die.

I will be whitewatering on the Nantahala River while Nancy is miles and miles away slaving away at the Sheffield Mine.

I hope she finds a bucket full of honker rubies and sapphires. I expect a lavish funeral – if they can find my remains.

Last evening after looking for leather all over the Cherokee nation, (or what’s left of it outside the Casino) in NC, Paul’s Restaurant was recommended to us by the Comfort Suites check in dude.

“Just next door to the Dairy Queen.”

We should have picked the Dairy Queen.

What is a word slower than SLOW?

What is a word rip-offier than RIP OFF?

Use them for Paul’s.

I wanted the special Rabbit hindquarters. The waitress said it was $10.99. Ninety minutes later it arrived along with Nancy’s fried shrimp. We ordered dessert immediately.

The waitress brought the check but not our dessert. We decided to skip it since we didn’t intend to spend 120 minutes for dinner.

I took the bill inside to pay. The $10.99 had been changed to $16.99! I confronted the cashier as I handed her my credit card. She swiped it and handed me the slip to sign that had charged me $16.99! When I asked her, she replied “it is what it is.”

I mumbled something about ripping off tourists because she knew we would never be back and how we never did get dessert. She never looked up.

I told her to explain to the waitress that she just cost her the tip, made a big ZERO where the tip should go, signed and left.

Shop at Nancy’s; Don’t Eat at Paul’s

If I’m not back soon it’s because I’m still floating down the Nantahala in or out of my funyak. Look for the woman wearing lots of rubies and sapphires and leather in the nearest casino.

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Shop at Nancy’s but Don’t Eat at Paul’s in Cherokee, NC — 1 Comment

  1. “Paul’s restaurant was recommended by the Comfort Suits check in dude”……

    That sentence right there says it all.