Track Lighting: What You Do When You Have Mad Skillz

It’s been a while since St. Todd DeCubbville has taken on a project that doesn’t involve a Big Ass Tee Vee.

But he got motivated and installed some really cool track lighting in their house and now I have the bug.

Nancy and I have old eyes, so we’re always burning the single overhead lights, flipping on the under the cupboard lights, and then grabbing a flashlight to find what the hell we were looking for.

Track lighting is pretty cool because you can adjust and aim those little suckers any direction you need. In the sewing cave, Nancy has a bunch of individual lights focused on whatever surface she’s working on. Sewing machine, check, cutting table, check, yarn stash, check, but she’s always moving a lamp because the light isn’t just quite right.

I think it’s time for St. Todd DeCubbville to make a trek north and install some cool track lighting in our kitchen, the sewing cave, and maybe even in the master suite (love that term – like I am the Master, Har.)

We don’t have a trendy set up like St. Todd DeCubbville. Our dining room is our Paris Bistro. So we won’t be looking at trendy track lighting. But I’m thinking we can go with something artsy-fartsy to enhance the Bistro look.

In the kitchen, I’m thinking these adjustable swivel head track lighting fixtures would do the trick.

Stand by, as soon as Southwest Airlines has a sooper-dooper airfare, I’m hoping I can snag my BATV installer to become my track lighting specialist.

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Track Lighting: What You Do When You Have Mad Skillz — 2 Comments

  1. Great article. I recently put up some track lighting without a sweat. 🙂 I love the way it looks and the lighting it provides in that area of my house. I would really recommend it to anybody that is thinking about installing it.