116 Heat Index: Perfect Weather for Growing Bananas

98 degrees air temperature, 52 percent humidity, for a heat index of 116.  Perfect weather for growing bananas.

116 Heat Index

Yep, bananas in Kentucky.

A friend gave us this “cousin” of the banana tree that bore fruit on #7 tee box at Le Club Du Leaf. When we planted it, there were NO leaves, just a big honkin’ stalk and barely what you can call a root. The leaves are a lovely three feet long and a foot wide.

If nothing else, Nancy can use them to fan me as I chomp down some grapes.

Pretty amazing what four weeks of ninety plus air temperature and high humidity will grow. The two junior banana trees at the base are imports Nancy bought because the original “plant” just looked so darn goofy we didn’t think it would grow.

Stay tuned for the Frozen Banana Eastern Kentucky Moonshine recipe.

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