Even Facebook Says I’m Annoying

I have two Facebook accounts – one personal and one “business.” I’m picky on who I let see the personal Facebook, limiting it to mostly family and some non-family that I allowed in early on and now can’t get rid of for fear of pissing them off.

I heard it was good to have lots of friends on Facebook if you want to be taken seriously as a blogger.

On the “business” Facebook account, I’ll friend everybody. I’m am a mass friender.
Until today.
Today, Facebook said I was annoying.

In case you haven’t become a serial-friender, the SOP for Facebook is to let you invite a few people to be your friends, then eventually Facebook thinks you are a robot and wants you do fill out the ever-so-irritating CAPTCHA.

I noticed that the CAPTCHA is getting kind of witty with their word combinations. Never missing the opportunity to enlighten you on the odd, my intent was to grab six or eight of these and show you.

Usable Still

Routine Swaying

Upturned Procedure

Betided Could

Maybe my mistake was not filling in the CAPTCHA to add these people as my friends.

Maybe my mistake was trying to friend young girls. I intended to friend some guys, I really did, but Facebook stopped me today and said I was annoying and to go away for a few hours or a few days.

No prob. But I’ll be back because Clever CAPTCHA captivated me. And we’ll see if the guys have clever CAPTCHA junk.

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Even Facebook Says I’m Annoying — 5 Comments

  1. Hahahaha, I wasn’t even aware that that was possible. How do all the trendy teen girls (/sarcasm) get 500+ friends without getting that message?