Stop the WordPress! Trigger and Nellybelle Will Be Sold

Here is your Boomer OMG moment for the day, maybe the week because it’s only Tuesday.

Trigger, Nellybelle, Buttermilk and Bullet are going on the auction block.

“While it is true that the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum (Branson, MO) has closed, much to disappointment of not only the Rogers family but of all his millions of fans, the dispersal of these artifacts will spread the joy, memories and cowboy heritage from inside its walls out into the hearts and homes of people all over the world.”

said Linda Kohn Sherwood, co-owner of High Noon Western Americana who is running the auction.

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Stop the WordPress! Trigger and Nellybelle Will Be Sold — 18 Comments

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  2. Whoa Nellybelle! Sorry to hear this news about all of these great old favorite horses…and the museum. I think there will be a lot of unhappy cowpokes out there.

  3. He deserves better than that. I would gladly take him in as the new barn mascot but I’m quite sure I wouldn’t be able to afford him. This is why you don’t stuff your beloved horses.

  4. I need to moderate comments instead? Can I delete the comment.php information to stop them? Will that work? And is there anything I can do on my CPanel to stop comments from appearing? Ilike your blog..

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