Terrefugia With Kayaks: Flying Amphibious Car

St. Todd deCubbville loves aeroplanes.

He is dropping subtle hints that he would like  Terrafugia flying car.

Hints like:

Buy me this for my birthday.

For a guy, that’s subtle.

After an exchange of emails, he said if I bought another kayak, to make it amphibious, he would fly me down to the Everglades and I could kayak among the gators.

Yeah, subtle.

Gators. Kayak. Me.

Just glad that life insurance bill finally got paid!

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Terrefugia With Kayaks: Flying Amphibious Car — 3 Comments

  1. A young whippersnapper from my little town on the prairie is one of the developers of the Terrafugia. Graduated from podunk high school here and went on to some little college called MIT and got some ed-you-ca-shun, including a PHD in aeronautical engineering. His mom and pop still live here. Yes, it is a must have (if you can afford it). Dang, I should have posted about that a long time ago.
    Catch Her in the Wry recently posted…Finally he quits-My Profile

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