ER or OR, Nancy Always Tries to Send Me Home.

Nancy has been an ER regular lately. First there was the hair-dye allergy and Wednesday it was a blood sugar and heat exhaustion attack.

She’s been an OR fairly regularly too the past twelve months.  Latest was Friday for three operations on her hand.

It Doesn't Hurt Like This

Blue Marks Indicate Cuts Doc Will Make

She had two trigger fingers released (ring and middle), her thumb joint removed and replaced with tendon taken from her arm to get rid of the arthritis, and scar tissue will be removed from a previous carpal tunnel surgery. She will be bowling by October. tyvm.

Since it was the day before her birthday, she asked everyone she came in contact with that she expected “Happy Birthday” to be sung to her in the OR

She’s a good patient. Especially, since I can always count on her to give me permission to leave her in a drug induced stupor laying on a gurney in the ER or recovery.

With nurses and docs coming and going, she eventually will murmur, eyes closed:

“You don’t have to stay, you can go home.”

No really! And I’m not one of those that paces or sighs heavily or keeps looking at the time. Really. I’m as supportive as I know how. I don’t even turn on the Tee Vee.  I don’t leave.

Who would come pick her up when she is dismissed?

So after 43 years of marriage on August 17, the next time she says I can leave her in an OR or ER, I think I’ll go to the cafeteria and have a ice-cream fudge brownie delight.

See, the thing is with the drugs or natural stupor, she won’t know I’m gone.  And when I come back, I’ll tell her I did go home. That will teach her.

When she puts me on a gurney with those daggers to my heart, I’ll tell her…

“You don’t have to stay, you can go home.”

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ER or OR, Nancy Always Tries to Send Me Home. — 7 Comments

  1. I would be particularly interested to hear more about the procedures for her trigger finger. I have trigger finger in both hands and have been a little qualmish about seeing a hand surgeon about it.

  2. @Brian: Pretty simple procedure. 1/4″ cut in the palm of your hand and a couple stitches and it is released. She had pointer done earlier. The only draw back is the anesthesia – our surgeon wanted her out completely. So that means recovery room stay is longer than surgery. Immediate relief she says, playing golf within a week.

    Pointer in the other hand is now triggering, eventually that will needs some attention.

  3. Thanks! Seems pretty certain that the general anesthesia was due to the other procedures she had done, since that sounds pretty minor. Both of my ring fingers are involved, and some days it’s quite painful, so I think I need to man up and git ‘r done.
    Brian recently posted…One Big MouseMy Profile

  4. @Brian: as always, medical advice presented on a blog, no matter how of this blog is absolutely correct on a percentage comparable El Rushbo, it probably isn’t.

    Please consult a medical professional.

    When she had one finger released she still was knocked out.

    OR, give me a buzz and we’ll get buzzed and take care of your pain ourselves.
    GoingLikeSixty recently posted…I Diet Pizza Hut Lowers Price Co-inkydinkMy Profile