Hey Cow! Moo!

Whilst toting myownself to the ribber to yak, I found myself wondering as I passed a herd of bovines why I don’t buzz down the window and yell Mooooooooo at the top of my lungs.

Do you Moo at cows when you pass them? Assuming you pass cows, which many of you probably don’t, in which case you may:

  • answer for someone else
  • lie
  • take an answer from your life elsewhere
  • fib
  • make up a really clever retort

Why did this occur to me?

Because I can’t pass a dog – or have a dog pass me – without buzzing down the window and letting out a BaaaaaYoooooooooo, (which is how hound dogs sound to me.)

I love the look the dog gives me. It’s a cross between WTF and total boredom.

But I shall not be refudiated.

Thanks to Brian for the video.

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Hey Cow! Moo! — 10 Comments

  1. No, but i bark at antelope and deer when appropriate, to save their life or mine!

  2. About a hundred years ago, I was walking down a country lane in Essex with a few fellow summer factory workers when I espied a herd of cows about a hundred yards away on the other side of a field. For no particular reason I started moo-ing as loud as I could and within a couple of minutes the whole damn gang of them came lolloping over to the hedge where we were standing. They looked a bit disappointed to see just a bunch of scruffy humans but my pals were impressed by my cow calling skills.

  3. Dude. What. The. Fuck….

    I needed acid for that video.

    Growing up in Texas, I lived and worked on Ranches all the time.

    And YES, I did moo. all the time. I even talked to them, and pretended they talked back. But I do that with my dogs and cats. I bark and meow at my dogs and cats too.

    Doesn’t everyone?

    But I think you haven’t lived if you haven’t rolled down your windows and moo’d at cows. I mean, how can you resist?

    As for that video, I can’t get that two minutes and what, fourteen seconds of my life back. Why, oh why did you murder me slowly with that?
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  4. Bleuuuhhh… I shall dream of spidercows tonight.

    I’ve a field full of cows next door. I love the tone of the look I get when I moo at them, like they know I’ll be sorry when it’s their turn for world domination.