I Diet; Pizza Hut Lowers Price; Co-inkydink?

Employee Changes Pizza Hut price sign to 8 10 12

Pizza Hut has permanently lowered their pizza prices to $8 for a medium + 3 toppings; $10 + 3 for large; $12 for specialty.

Co-inkydink? I think not!

First of all: big whoop.

Analcysts say it’s because Domino’s is eating their lunch.

News flash analcysts: It’s because  Smallburg has Little Caesar’s and Godfather’s selling large one topping pizza for $5.99 everyday.  And they have walk-in, drive-up locations all over town. OTOH, Pizza Hut really wants to deliver their pizza, for which they charge $2 more.  And I think The Hut (interesting how that isn’t catching on) has 2 or 3 walk-in locations and I’m pretty sure Domino’s is delivery only.

Hmmmm, shall I stop and get a large, pre-made, but still hot, pizza at Godfather’s or Little Caesar’s for $5.99? Or shall I go home, call, wait 45 minutes, and pay $12 + $1-$2 tip?

Oh and Pizza Hut? your online ordering is just too complicated. You know what 80% of your people order, how about these choices:

  • Medium or Large
  • Thin or Thick Crust
  • Pepperoni
  • Sausage
  • Beef
  • Extra Cheese

I’m sayin’ that covers 80% of your orders. Those that want a custom pizza with 1/2 this and 1/2 that can deal with your online ordering or make a phone call.

Second: you are really doing this to get back at me, right? You miss my weekly orders while I was dieting, right? Well, duh. I started taking up eating again pizza months ago, but not The Hut or Domino’s.  Now, when I get my pizza craving, I swing past one of the others that have a pie for $5.99 always.

Little Caesar’s has their pizza for $5 on the last Tuesday of the month – with a coupon, you can get it for that price anytime.

Third: I can go in to Kroger and get a humongous fresh pizza for $7.99 and take it home and bake it in 20 minutes.

The Hut is dead.

God Bless You Godfather

Hail Caeser!

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