MagicJack Femtocell May Mean I’ll Renew With Them

Nancy made me get a cell phone.

If I was floating down a river someplace, she was sure I would need one. Actually, I thought it was a good idea also because there is a lot of logistics to coordinating the put-out and put-in, and take-in and take-out, and the ups and downs, and ins-and-outs of kayaking a river.

I snared a phone for $20 that includes 400 minutes to be used in 90 days.  So  far I have only really needed it once. And that is another story*

However, if the  MagicJack femtocell actually comes to market this fall, I may have to upgrade my phone. But I would be willing if I could make calls for $200 a year (the probable cost of the MagicJack doo-dad.)

The device will allow users to tie it into compatible cellphones to route calls over the Internet and therefore save callers from using up their cellphone minutes.

There will be MagicJack apps for the iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms, with a new softphone service due later this summer.

[via BusinessInsider]

*the rest of the story

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