Strappin’ on Mah BBQ Gear, I Gots a Hankerin’

I’m an old pigman with some meat in my hand
Hate carryin’ sauce to the BBQ stand
I’m a slicker who has roasted a pig
Put it in the ground and danced a jig
And let the butcher cut the ribs real big
Yippie yi yo kayah

I do like to cook meat over an open fire. Even though I have roasted a whole pig all day in a pit, I want that fire to be easy, so I use propane in a nice neat grill. Using the Grillslinger from is the easy way to keep track of all my tools.

And while getting a whole hog on the hoof was exciting for Nancy and her friend Joanne (kinda exciting?) I really prefer to let her buy the pork in nice neat little packages.

I’m especially fond of Butt Wholes.

The Grillslinger is a must-have for every serious (okay and unserious)  BBQer.  It bugs the heck out of me to tote all the tools and seasoning/sauce  needed out to the grill. Invariably, I forget something, or my hands are full and I sit something down to take a sip of an adult beverage and forget where I sat it down.

Carrying a tray with four dogs all trying to get out the door at the same time as me is just askin’ for a disaster.

I gots me a Grillslinger! It’s a belt that has holsters like the wild west. And. AND! It comes with a super grill knife, tongs, and spatula.  Plus there is plenty of other places to stash other necessary tools and seasoning. has a lot of neat gadgets for guys.

When I start drinking Miller Chill again, I’ll be looking for a way to match up the Grillslinger with the Beer Holster…

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