Three Reasons to Love My Walk to the Mailbox

Remember when a walk to the mailbox used to be the highlight of the day? When everything important came by US Postal Service? Before Fed-Up? Before email, before IMing, before Facebook?

Now I only have three reasons to walk to the mailbox.

  1. It’s code to Oliver for “take a shit.”


    At noon, he will be all curled up on the sofa on his own special blanket and I have to say “Oliver! Go to the mailbox?” And if you know anything about dogs, you know the punctuation marks have to be in the right place. If I said, “Oliver, go the mailbox” he would just look at me. “Oliver? Go to the mailbox!” now that would piss him off and he would go shit by my computer. Same deal at 9 o’clock p.m.

  2. To pick up a Google check. Sweet. My money. All mine. All the way back to the house where I turn it over to my CFO and only see it when I take it to the bank to deposit.
  3. Mainly, I love my walk to the mailbox to get FREEBIES. There is so much stuff floating around on the innerwebs, there are entire websites built on telling me how to collect…

Today my walk netted me, two free samples for Bullseye BBQ Sauce (note: annoying autoplay sound): Texas and Memphis style. Why they didn’t send me their Carolina and Kansas City style is beyond me. And they don’t even make Kentucky style!

Yesterday, my walk rewarded me with two New Castle Brown Ale Pub Glasses.

My absolute favorite, most reliable, and goofiest webfreebiemaster is Goob at Hey, It’s Free. First, because he does a fantastic job of digging this stuff out and posting it quick (most freebies are gone very quickly) Second, he gives you tips that come in handy, like how to fill out a form written in Spanish:

Nombre – first name
Apellido – last name
Sexo – sex
Fecha de Nacimiento – date of birth
Dirección – address
Ciudad – city
Estado – state
Código Postal – zip code
Teléfono – telephone
Correo electrónico – e-mail

I’m contributing: Clavé – password and…

Means, A HA! you loco gringo, you think we don’t already know your nombre and direccion?

Think again el stupido lame-o, you think you are Pancho Villa?

Thank you.

I also like Goob because he puts the freebie right in his RSS feed with some suitable snark or quip.

Every package seems to have different freebies, so it’s like a mystery as to what you’ll get. Just imagine you’re on a modern-day version of Let’s Make A Deal and about to find out what you won. In fact, do that with every aspect of your life and you’ll find that many everyday activities are enhanced.

And his website name sums up why I sign up for adult diapers, magazine subscription to Boating magazine, Eucerin Daily Skin Balance lotion, and two Kotex Lightdays pantiliners.

Hey! It’s FREE.

Just don’t go shooting your mouth of to everyone about HeyIt’sFree.NET, so far it’s Goob and me and you and a few others that know about what he’s doing.

Sign up for HeyItsFree.NET and start loving your walk to the mailbox.

Da Nada.

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Three Reasons to Love My Walk to the Mailbox — 6 Comments

  1. first of all, your Oliver is sooo cute! ^_^

    well I guess even I, with those things I will also love walking to my mailbox…with a smile!
    good that over your place there are lots of offers to have, how i wish its the same over here…