We Will Probably Pick Barbados over Biloxi, Gulfport, Orange Beach, Pensacola, et al.

It will be a Bulbous’ birthday soon.

The Big 4-0.

She got her love of travel and adventure from us, so we figured we needed to haul her and St. Todd deCubbville to a destination to celebrate her getting really, really old.

We have a budget, she has a flying time limit of three hours. Living in the garden spot of Florida, means anyplace in the Gulf Coast region or the Caribbean is a possibility.

We have taken a few road trips with them and had a ball every single times and came home with memories we still laugh about.

The first “real” destination proposed was California taking U.S. 1 and CA 101 along the coast. But adding up the cost of a car rental, the price of gas in CA and all the friggin’ fees and taxes, flying four of us to our take off point, then lodging and eats would exceed our budget by a lot.

A cruise was on the table, but Bulbous decided what she really wanted was to veg on a beach and snorkel and not be on a schedule. Nancy is a bargain-travel genius and soon had us shopping around CheapCaribbean.com.

We’re close to booking a five night stay in Barbados for the four of us to celebrate the Big 4-0.

But it just as easily could have been Biloxi, Gulfport, Orange Beach, Pensacola or any other of the regions that are hurting for tourists.

But I’m tired of all the whining by resort and restaurant owners about how vacationers are staying away in droves.

Hear this: I am not criticizing those who make their living on the water or from what grows in the water or what is harvested from the water.

I just hate it when the Tee Vee news features some motel or restaurant owner whining about the loss of business.  Tip: We can fly to Barbados from Miami, stay in a 3 star hotel (that’s the equivalent of a Comfort Inn, Drury Inn, Clarion, etc. in the states) for about $500 each. Flight, hotel, and breakfast.

So where are the deals along the gulf coast? All I’ve heard and read are the “we’re open” and “no oil guarantee” and “boo-hoo, everybody is canceling their vacations to this area… woe is me!” Oh yeah, and they brought Jimmy Buffet in for a one-day concert.

I haven’t seen any convention and visitors bureau on the gulf coast region put together a five night package for $500 per person.

We loved Biloxi when we saw the tall ships. We think Orange Beach is very attractive. Loved Bay St. Louis, and Pass Christian.

But IMHO, these hotel and restaurant owners are suffering from “victimitis” and don’t want us there. They can collect from their insurance company – or better yet – from BP for lost business.

Just yesterday the British company refused to grant Florida a further $50 million grant to allow the state to promote its beaches.

The oil-giant has already given the state $25 million, a fund officials claim has now run dry.

Easy money.

Barbados yes!

Biloxi, no thanks ya’ll – unless you get your act together and launch CheapGulfofMexico.com.

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