Why Kayaking is Better Than Golfing

I kayaked Saturday and golfed today and have developed the list of why kayaking is better than golfing:

  • You’re supposed to be in the water when kayaking
  • Nobody cares how many strokes you have when kayaking
  • You don’t need balls to kayak
  • Girls kayak in bikini’s
  • No tee times
  • If you get behind a slow group of kayakers you can just paddle around them
  • Much easier to cool down when kayaking
  • Floating down a river is free
  • There is no plaid on the river
  • Golfers destroy their environment by taking divots and leaving ball marks
  • You can take a shit anyplace when kayaking
  • You can buy inflatable kayaks – inflatable golf clubs don’t do well
  • Sand is much more enjoyable when kayaking
  • You can kayak AND fish
  • A drunk Scotsman invented golf; a hunter invented the kayak

Caution NSFW language…

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Why Kayaking is Better Than Golfing — 5 Comments

  1. How about the fact you can drink when you golf? Can you do that in a kayak? is there room for a cooler?