Have You Noticed How Loud Sun Chips Bags Are?

Kathy at The Junk Drawer noticed how loud the Sun Chips bag is, so she did some research and found out she wasn’t alone. She threw up (not literally) a blog post about it a while back, snagging comments from around the innerwebs, made a short video and now is recoiling from the limelight.

Kathy. Kathy. Kathy. Carpe Diem.

The Wall Street Journal noticed the Sun Chips Loud Bag phenomenon:

They quoted Kathy, (but without mentioning her blog!) Her cow-orkers were dismayed that they included her age. Kathy said it was no biggie, just a number. “It’s not like they put my weight.”

Morning Express with Robin Meade commented on Sun Chips loud bag.

CBS Radio contacted Kathy to get some sound bites.  She watched Pepsi-co (owners of Sun Chips) visit her blog, and NBC poked around a little.

We both observed the incestuous relationship among the mainstream media. If the WSJ has it, it will go viral, and it’s started. The innerwebs will eat this up. Next up a nightly news program, then a Sunday morning news show, and round and round.

Kathy has discovered something about herself: she might be just a “little afraid” of all the attention.

But her family thinks she is a rock star. I wrote her that after Mythbusters does a segment, or Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs, will she be a rock star in my eyes.

Her time in the glare of the spotlight will last  until the next big thing grabs our attention.

Like this airplane paint job…

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Have You Noticed How Loud Sun Chips Bags Are? — 3 Comments

  1. I love watching this unfold. It is so cool to see a great writer finally get the recognition she deserves. I actually went out and bought a bag of the chips after watching her video, so it works on so many levels. Go Kathy!
    Jen recently posted…The DentistMy Profile

  2. @Catch Her In the Wry: I love Sun Chips, but just buy the tiny vending machine bags, so I didn’t notice. I love that plane too.

    @Jen: I enjoy Kathy’s “what’s this?” But I always regret the facepalm when I see the answer. Thanks for stopping by.