What a Bunch of Armatures

Tuesday is Amature Drag Night in Smallburg.

For inspiration, I Googled “amature” and surprise, surprise, most of the websites that came up were porn. Same for images. Same for videos. Googling “amature drag”, delivered the image above *shudder*


What is even freakier is this sign may have passed through five Kentuckians.

  1. The righter of the sign copy.
  2. The deliverance of the sign copy to the sign shop.
  3. The counter werker at the sign shop.
  4. The sing maker.
  5. The sign installor.

I’m sure when confronted, the sign righter would say it was intenshunul. “Got cheer attenshun, din’t it?” s/he (dressed in drag) would say.

What a bunch of armatures.

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