Why Drifters Love Kayaking

Me and the Green River

Imagine getting in a kayak and drifting from the Cayman Islands to Key West 600 miles away. Impossible you scoff?

The Coast Guard found a drifting kayak 4 miles from Key Largo, Floridia. No body was found with the yak. But the Coast Guard had to determine the origin of the small craft. (Why? Dunno.)

“This is certainly a crazy, crazy story — just bananas front to back,” said Sam Dawson, owner of the kayak.  “Even if you understand the Gulf Stream, it’s a pretty phenomenal story of how it traveled that far.  And it’s pretty phenomenal how they found me.”  Six weeks ago, while enjoying the surf at his home in the Caymans, Dawson lost his ride.  “I got caught by a wave and flipped off,” Dawson said.  “The wave took the surf ski away from me — I assumed never to be seen again.”

How can you not love a hobby that requires no effort and can lead you to exotic lands?

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Why Drifters Love Kayaking — 1 Comment

  1. My sit on kayak would float forever if I wasn’t on board. I don’t think they can sink unless you can puncture it somehow. Those currents can carry things forever especially if they are light like a kayak. Best hobby in the world.
    Best regards Steve