Post Office: Gives Shitty Service; Get’s Poopy Cake; Union Gets Diarreha

A post office in Cape Coral Florida got a bad rating from a mystery shopper.

Whoa, breaking news!!!

The manager of the branch decided to make light of the poor rating by making a poop-like cake for the postal workers (love the toilet paper, and is that a toilet seat lid?)

The postal workers could have 1. thought it was funny or 2. got mad. As the anchor in the video says in story… they chose #2.

“Yup, we had a poopy day,”

said Lucille Sacco.

“I thought it was appalling. I thought it was degrading to the employees and I just couldn’t believe it,”

said Sam Wood, Southwest Florida President of American Postal Workers Union.

The office’s final score was 48 out of 100.

The US Postal Service totally wimped out on the deal and supported the union and their lack of humor.

“This unfortunate incident demonstrates poor judgment on the part of the responsible party, and does not represent the professionalism of postal managers in the local community and across the country. The Postal Service apologizes to employees who were offended.”

“I have never seen anything like that. And I don’t think it’s funny,”

said Sacco to a local television station.

Now, of course, it really is funny. I’m sure all the workers felt very bad (not) at the low rating. Obviously the manager didn’t take the customer feedback seriously either and decided to make a joke out of it, thus downplaying the crappy service of the USPS.

This is funny on so many levels, I have a headache.

No wait, I just have to need a bowel movement.

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Post Office: Gives Shitty Service; Get’s Poopy Cake; Union Gets Diarreha — 5 Comments

  1. Many reasons as to why people love to bake is because it puts a smile on some ones face. SO why not kill to birds with one stone and make a cake that looks funny and taste good.

  2. Ohhhh, I’m totally grossed out….I LOVES MY CAKE, but I don’t know if I could get past looking at it to eat it. I think I’d need a blindfold. I venture to guess that they’ve made a cake for EVERYTHING at this point.
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