Unimpressed by TV Halloween Costumes

Once again, television has ruined a perfectly fine holiday.
Halloween costumes used to be original and clever and creative and HOMEMADE.
I am just so unimpressed with all the celebs putting on a costume conceived, created and paid for by some network.
I’ll guran-damn-tee ya, some of the people showing up in costume today didn’t have a clue – and didn’t care what their costume was. Just do it, collect a gigantic paycheck, and head home to instruct their maid to hand out the free candy they were sent by a sponsor.

Holidays should be work. Think about it, the more work, the more reward – at least when it comes to goofing off.
Easter – color the eggs and hiding them. Work.
4th of July – loading up the pipe bombs, running to emergency room. Work.
Labor Day – toting beer all. day. long. Work.
Thanksgiving – finding the platter used once a year. Work.
Christmas – putting out carrots for Rudolph. Eating carrots. Work.

Just not enough work goes into Halloween these days.

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