AdsCaptcha: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Make Money Off ‘Em


But I’m getting slammed with spam comments from actual human beans. Over 100 spam comments last week.  I have been approving the real ones and letting the fake ones die.

Those of you who comment (thank you VERY much) will suffer for a while because I have installed a CAPTCHA below the comment box.

Nice deal about this is: I get paid every time you type in the CAPTCHA. It’s called AdCaptcha and is a pretty ingenious idea. AdCaptcha says they will send money every time you fill in their Captcha phrase. It’s not nearly as heinous as Google’s squigglie letters that make nonsense words.

PUNCHUM: What you secretly wish you could do to tailgaters.

ISTINGST: An anagram for “It Stings!” (For when you don’t want the bee to know how much misery it caused).

HOOLS: School, after they reorganize the staff in ways that make no sense.

TRIDDLE: A dyslexic tribble.

AdCaptcha’s payout is at a very high $150, so I don’t expect to see any money until this time next year.

Now I’m hoping for the spam comments to start flooding in.

I could learn to love AdCaptcha.

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AdsCaptcha: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Make Money Off ‘Em — 2 Comments