Geezers Doing Good For Pay

While I’m sitting on my dead ass in a comfy chair some other geezers and geezerelles are making the world a better place.
As they used to say on Hee Haw… Saaaaaaaaaaaaaalute.

Hats off to these folks who took advantage of Encore Fellowships to

…deliver new sources of talent to organizations solving critical social problems. These paid, time-limited fellowships place highly-skilled, experienced professionals at the end of their midlife careers in social-purpose organizations.

Yes, they got paid $50,000 to $100,000 for doing good work. A great example of paying for work that taxpayers might be expected to fund. The Purpose Prize is funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies and the John Templeton Foundation.  It aims to get baby-boomers into “encore” careers.

Allan Barsema

Once homeless, Barsema creates innovative online networks of social service agencies to ensure that homeless people get the help they need quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Barry Childs

Childs improves the lives of vulnerable children and their families in Tanzania by creating
farming cooperatives, building classrooms and opening clinics.

Margaret Gordon

Since Gordon connected the asthma that plagued her low- income community to the pollution of the nearby port, she has fought to improve the area’s environmental health.

Inez Killingsworth

In the midst of a housing crisis, Killingsworth helps homeowners avoid foreclosure by negotiating with banks for more favorable terms on mortgages.

Judith Van Ginkel

Van Ginkel leads a program that provides in-home services for first-time, at-risk mothers – including parenting support – to improve the lives of young families.

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